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Laser Drilling

Laser CuttingLaser drilling can be performed to precise positional tolerances using our 7-axis moving beam system. 

Small and large holes can be drilled on formed 3-dimensional parts made out of a variety of high-temperature alloys.

Precision holes on jet engine components can be tre-panned for specific geometry and control.

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General Capabilities Custom Manufacturing Production Runs
Prototype Contract Manufacturing
Industries Served Instumentation Electronics
Automotive Furniture
Aerospace Communications
Medical Construction
Oil & Gas Lighting
Production Method Multi-Axis Laser Drilling (3D) TIG Welding
Flat Laser Cutting (2D) MIG Welding
Laser Drilling Tubular Rotary Axis Processing
Tube Drilling Pipe Cutting
Trepanning Laser Trimming
Laser  Drilling Production Capabilities R & D Clean cutting
Prototype Development Matl. Thickness up to 0.5 inch
Short Run Recast Layer certification
Production Run Close Tolerance
Precision Features  
Materials Aluminum Alloy Steel
Wood Steel
Rubber Carbon Steel
Beryllium Copper Kovar
Aerospace Alloys Ceramics
Hastelloy Spring Steel
Brass Copper
Super Alloy Titanium
Stainless Steel Composites
Bronze Plastics (all grades)
Laser Drilling Product Types Hydroformed Parts Tubular Parts
Deep Drawn Parts Pipe Segments
Flat Blanks Rolled Rings
Extruded Parts  
Desired File Format AutoCAD (DWG) DXF
BMP SolidWorks
Additional Services Provided Consulting Design
Equipment List Numerous multi-axis Laserdyne Laser Machines Two Flat high speed laser cutting machines
1 - 24"x 48" Laser Engraving Machines
 Equipment Capabilities 3D work Envelope 96" x 72" x 36" up to 0.375 thickness  
2D 120" x 60" envelope up to 0.5 inch material thickness
 ToleranceTolerances Small feature tolerance +/- .001 Work envelope tolerance +/- .005
Secondary Process Assembly Anodizing
Powder Coating Plating
Welding Countersinking
Counterboring Deburring
Industry Standards/Certifications NADCAP AC7004 Aerospace Quality Systems NADCAP AC7116 Nonconventional Machining
NADCAP 7116-4 Laser Beam Machining GE Transportation Aviation Laser Beam machining S-422
Honeywell Aerospace Laser Beam Machining Rolls Royce Corporation Chipless Machining EPS 13200
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